The Team

We are building on our foundational science by recruiting established and accomplished drug developers, supported by a leading executive team and leveraging the knowledge and expertise of our investors and world-renowned advisers.


Our accomplished and internationally-experienced team is focused on building a great culture, dedicated to transforming the treatment of autoimmune disease.

Eliot Charles

Executive Chair

Julian Hirst

Chief Financial Officer

Lynne Murray

SVP, Research and Development

Tim Funnell

VP, Operations

Rob Boyd

Senior Director, Preclinical and Project Management

Chris Paluch

Director, Receptor and Disease Biology

Nathan Robertson

Head of Protein Engineering

Francesca Amicarella

Team Leader

Juliane Schwaderer

Project Manager

Matthew Jackson

Senior Scientist

Tamsin Zangerle Murray

Senior Scientist

Sara Moreira da Silva


Oliver Wood


Eleanor Scott


Chris Lynch


David Malone


Thomas Bailey

Associate Scientist

Jonathon Robson

Research Associate

Brian Cutler

Research Associate

Megan Matthews

Research Associate

Kaidi Kaldvee

Research Associate

Liam Hardy

Research Associate

Raquel Manso-Sancho

Research Associate

Linda Dowdell

Office Manager

Heather Brouwer

Laboratory Manager


MiroBio was founded by two leading immunologists at the University of Oxford, Professors Richard Cornall and Simon Davis. They have spent more than 15 years generating the understanding of immune-signalling mechanisms that underpins our development of new therapeutics.

Richard Cornall

Founder and Scientific Advisor

Simon Davis

Founder and Scientific Advisor

Tomas Mustelin

Scientific Advisor

Jason Cyster

Scientific Advisor

Bob Stein

Scientific Advisor


MiroBio is supported by a sophisticated syndicate of investors who provide much more than capital. Our investor Directors have deep experience in antibody development, immunology and building industry-leading companies.

Srini Akkaraju

Director - Samsara BioCapital

Debbie Harland

Director - SR One

Shahzad Malik

Director - Advent Life Sciences