September 15, 2021

Robert Stein, MD, PhD

Robert Stein is a deeply experienced R&D leader who has played a significant role in the discovery and development of several marketed drugs, including Promacta, Sustiva and Eliquis. Robert is currently executive vice president, R&D, for Mimedx, a venture partner at Samsara BioCapital and an advisor to universities and companies, including Agenus where he was formerly president of research and development. He serves as a Director for a number of public and private companies and has held various senior leadership positions including head of pharmacology for Merck & Co., chief scientific officer and senior vice president, research for Ligand Pharmaceuticals, executive vice president, research and preclinical development for Dupont Merck, president and chief scientific officer for Incyte Pharmaceuticals, president of Roche Palo Alto and chief executive officer of KineMed. Robert holds an MD and a PhD in physiology & pharmacology from Duke University and is Board certified in anatomic and clinical pathology.

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